Dear Esteemed Shipping Lines/ Valued Customers,

First of all, Tan Cang-Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT in short) would like to express our sincere thanks for your valuable cooperation and support in regulating and handling inbound containers especially plastic scrap during past time.

In order to continue giving support to enterprises in importing plastic scraps in terms of a production and business affairs to meet the increasing demand for raw materials, TCIT officially announces that the 8th extension of receiving inbound plastic scrap shipments with TCIT declared as its Port of Discharge and Place of Delivery (or Final Destination) shall be considered and given from Oct 01st, 2022 to the end of Mar 31st, 2023 to each of specific enterprise that has well-coordinated and met mandatory conditions of TCIT.

Your attention please, Mar 31st, 2023 is acknowledged as the last day of plastic scrap containers being discharged at TCIT and the discharge of all related containers exceeding this stipulated period shall be unaccepted and rejected by our port.  

With the above important notice, your Esteemed Carrier is kindly requested to contact TCIT in advance for the official correspondences granted to each enterprise by TCIT in agreeing to receive plastic scrap containers with specific deadline and confirmation of TCIT about the result of considering extending the trial period for customers to have a certain basis in releasing bookings to your customers.

Enclosed is the Notice of THE 8th EXTENSION OF THE IMPORTED PLASTIC SCRAP ACCEPTANCE. Your Valued Carrier and Customers are kindly asked for carefully reading and complying with the contents specified in this official correspondence.

We look forward to continuously receiving your great co-operation and good support.